'˜If there's space with a great view, who wouldn't park in it?' - Scarborough motor homes defended

A motor home owner has hit back at criticism of people who had parked their motor homes overnight for free in a large car park in Scarborough.

Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 2:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 2:20 pm
Motor homes in the council-run car park next to the Sea Life Centre.

William Lythgoe had hit out at “inconsiderate” motor home owners after counting 31 of them camped up overnight in the Scarborough Borough Council-run car park next to the Sea Life Centre, where the parking meter has been covered up for winter.

But Linda Daglish rose to the defence of the vehicles and their owners after returning from a month in France - in her motor home.

“We spent every night on one of the French Aires which look exactly like your photo [featured on the Scarborough News website yesterday] - the difference being that they also provide the services needed and most are free,” said Linda, who lives in Brighton but saw our story on the website.

“In our country, there is such a miserly attitude to motor homes that most such car parks would have a big sign saying ‘no motor homes’. “It’s down to the council to decide whether your complainant has a case and limit certain areas of the car park for motor homes.

“If there’s a space with a great view .... who wouldn’t park in it?”

My Lythgoe’s original comments attracted a considerable reaction on our Facebook page.

Steven Bairstow said: “What a fantastic view of the North Bay, I wouldn’t mind a motor home ... leave them alone.”

Alan Fry said they could park there, as long as they take their rubbish with them.

“I’ve seen people emptying all caravan waste in the easte bins - great asset, that.”