Impending decision on the future of Town Hall

I am a very concerned member of the Scarborough community regarding the impending decision on the future of our Town Hall.

I am sure that I echo the opinions of many other Scarborough residents, and I agree wholeheartedly with the letter from the quintet of former planners (Scarborough News, May 31), and the open letter from Adrian Perry of Scarborough Civic Society.

To abandon this beautiful old building to a fate unknown would be sacrilege. May I remind the council that the building is not theirs to sell; it belongs to us all, the residents of the borough. It was purchased by the borough, for the people of Scarborough, to be used as our local government headquarters; a role in which it serves us very nobly.

The fact that the old Town Hall building is cold, outdated and uncomfortable to work in merely reflects the council’s reluctance to spend money on it over the years. It is not very long since a substantial amount of money was spent in creating the extensive modern office accommodation in the King Street complex.

The promise of £3 million is the proverbial carrot dangled in front of our supposedly cash-strapped council by the Homes and Communities Agency (aka Yorkshire Forward), who appear to have given no firm indication as to how the site would be redeveloped; or whether it would just lie derelict like so many other prime sites in Scarborough. If they want to part with £3 million, why not give it to the council to be used to bring the existing building, and the Futurist Theatre, up to date. It will cost that much, and the rest, to move to the building at Eastfield, which will also cost £1.5 million to update, is several miles out of the town, and is inaccessible to many borough residents.

Please, Scarborough Council, let common sense prevail.

Jill Stuart

Overgreen Lane