Impossible to see an alien

I read with great interest the article in the Scarborough News regarding aliens and UFOs.

Being an amateur astronomer for over 50 years I thought you might like to hear a different opinion on the subject. I know there have been countless thousands of UFO sightings, going back centuries if not to antiquity. UFOs yes, aliens no. There has never been a sighting of aliens and there never will be. Every case of reported aliens or their craft being seen are either a hoax or (somehow) a genuine mistake.

Let me tell you why. It’s because of the huge distances involved between ourselves and anything else living out there. If you are not an astronomer you probably are not fully aware of the incredible distances between heavenly objects. Take a look into the night sky, some of the objects you can see are millions of light years away. Light travels at over 144,000 miles a second. Just try and comprehend takes some doing.

Even if a highly advanced race constructed a spacecraft, it would take billions of years to get here. If they did build a craft and travel billions of years they would only come across us by an incredible fluke. No aliens have ever been here, they never will.

However things are actually far more incredible than aliens landing here. The universe is much bigger than we ever thought. There are billions of galaxies, all with billions of stars, many with planets revolving around them. It is not far fetched to say there are not only billions of planets with life forms on, but probably billions of planets with intelligent life forms in existence.

John Collier

Lisvane Avenue