Improvement in sitings of the ‘giants’

RE: Statues of our town.

I would like to thank Mr Andrew Ellis most sincerely for his comments regarding the siting of the giant sculptures - Freddie, and the Filey Fisherman.

Anyone with an eye for art and perspective could see that both were incorrectly located.

Thankfully, following much liaison with the borough council, Freddie has been re-located to his original site.

What an improvement!

Regarding Filey’s sculpture, he will hopefully be sited in a more open aspect, for example, along the promenade, when circumstances permit, though it may be next year.

Cllr Cockerill contacted local schools in an attempt to stimulate enthusiasm, and suggest possible names for their giant.

Alas, no replies were forthcoming.

Consequently, I contacted Anne at Maynard’s sweet shop, who is very kindly drawing up a list, and is awaiting a list from a nearby school too.

Thanks a million - some excellent suggestions.

Also, Ian Johnson at the Scarborough News office in Aberdeen Walk is accepting suggestions.

Come on Filey - we’re getting there, so keep sending in ideas.

Thanks to all concerned.

Maureen Robinson

Malvern Crescent