In jeopardy

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THE future of a military parade is in jeopardy as veterans face rising costs.

For 20 years members of the 8th Destroyer Squadron Association have been coming to Scarborough for their annual reunion.

Last year more than 200 veterans took part in the event, which features a sea front march and gathering at the Spa.

However a question mark now hangs over 2012’s event as the association faces a £1,000 levy for the use Spa, imposed by the venue’s management team.

Not only that but North Yorkshire Police has also contacted the navy veterans to say it can no longer provide traffic management for the parade.

Peter Lee-Hale, chairman of the 8th Destroyer Squadron Association, said: “As a group we are strapped for cash, and suddenly we are faced with a £1,000 charge and having to cough up for a private company to support the parade.

“Most veterans are in their late 70s and 80s, and association funds are sparse, which means this levy must be passed on to those attending the reunion.

Mr Lee-Hale says he is now writing to members to see if they will agree to share the cost, if they want to chose an alternative venue in Scarborough or chose another town altogether for next year’s reunion, due to take place in September.

The parade is usually supported by Scarborough Coastguard and the Scarborough branch of the Motorcycle Action Group as well as North Yorkshire Police.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “The responsibility for organising traffic management for events, such as the 8th Destroyer Association parade, has always been the responsibility of the event organiser. North Yorkshire Police stopped performing traffic management duties for events with traffic management issues several years ago.

“However, as this is an event attended by veterans of the armed services North Yorkshire Police continued to traffic manage the parade as a mark of respect and good will.

“Due to changing demands on resources this is something that we are no longer able to do.

“We have, and will continue to, support the event by providing information to the event organisers of this parade to assist them in allowing the event to continue.”

No one from the Spa was available to comment about the £1,000 levy.