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Indian Rose
Indian Rose

In contrast to my father-in-law, I am not a connoisser of the delights that arrive on our tables from the East.

Being allergic to nuts I have to be careful, as a meal out can end in total disaster. Thankfully a birthday outing at Indian Rose didn’t spell my untimely death.

Though in truth it didn’t take me to heaven either.

In fairness though, when you go to a curry house you don’t expect food that will bring a tear to your eye.

That is unless you order the phall.

As a group we were greeted in more than pleasant fashion, and with beer in hand we strode through a bright, neon-lit restaurant to our table.

There was plenty of choice when the menu arrived, but our waiter, in a delightful South Park tie, broke the rules and 
offered us a meal for 10, charged at £14.50 a head.

This included a starter each, a rice, obviously a main course and then a handful of naan to share.

A few more complimentary starters were thrown in because one of our party was an Indian Rose regular.

There were also the usual popadums to scoff on, with my personal favourite lime pickle, which I ate a bucket-full of and paid for it later.

I went for the lamb tikka, though a variety of different starters were placed and swiftly polished off from the table.

Mains came next, with my Indian meal of choice, the chicken madras being slotted on to the heated tray.

Fearing change I also tend to stick to the madras because I don’t see the point in changing something if it isn’t broken.

There were a variety of other meals that settled on our table, including a Bengal fish massala and tandoori mixed grill that could have fed most of Scarborough.

The birthday boy, who goes for a curry at least four times a week, described his chicken tikka pathia as hot enough that it’s tasty without burning your head off.

My madras did what a madras should do, burned my mouth, made me eat loads of rice and drink a lot of lager.

The naan was also useful, providing an oasis of calm in an ocean of spice.

As well as the dishes we selected, there was a huge choice on a menu that took a good while to study.

In a packed Saturday-evening restaurant, the service was excellent and the plates were cleared swiftly from our table, that resembled a food-filled battle ground.

The level of banter with the waiter was good, as they switched seemlessly from dealing with our group of lads to a couple in the corner of the room.

The good service continued as we were offered a complimentary alcoholic beverage as we edged towards our departure.

Not being one to turn down generosity, I opted for a cheeky shot of whisky, while a few of the others went for a Baileys to settle the stomach.

Overall it was a good night and a good curry.

I left the Indian Rose too full to drink any more beer, which was useful because it saved me a fortune.

I retired to my abode with a pleasantly warm glow that only arrives after a solid Indian meal.

Food - 8

Indian Rose food review.Picture Richard Ponter 131811b

Indian Rose food review.Picture Richard Ponter 131811b

Menu choice - 7

Service - 8

Decor - 6

Ambience - 8

Indian Rose food review.Picture Richard Ponter 131811a

Indian Rose food review.Picture Richard Ponter 131811a