Investigation into damage at Scarborough graveyard

A vehicle had been driven recklessly around the cemetary causing damage to the grassed areas

Gravestones have been knocked out of place and deep tyre tracks have ploughed up the memorial area in an “appalling” incident at a Scarborough cemetery.

A vehicle is believed to have been used to vandalise the Woodlands Cemetery. A blue car with four adults inside was seen by a witness who passed on an image to police who are investigating the matter.

A vehicle had been driven recklessly around the cemetary causing damage to the grassed areas

Scarborough councillor Bill Chatt said: “I would say about two or three graves have been damaged. There’s also a lot more covered in mud.

“A gentleman who had seen the incident photographed the car. People don’t expect this to happen in a graveyard.

“The people who have spoken to me have had a really strong view on the people in the car. It’s just appalling.”

The team at the cemetery is working to ensure the gravestones affected are stable and cleaned.

The vandalism occurred at 4.30pm on Sunday February 4 and police are investigating the incident.

Many residents have shared their anger and upset that someone could cause this damage in a peaceful final resting place.

Kirsty Pennock said: “Disgraceful, I hope the culprits are caught and prosecuted.”

While Tina House added: “Absolutely disgusting – how can people be so cruel and disrespectful.”

Edie Luke added: “Disgusting – can’t even rest in peace. My thoughts go out to those affected by the mindless vandalism caused.

“Hope who ever did it gets caught.”

Residents who have laid beloved family members to rest are being informed about the situation.

Cllr Chatt added: “Our Bereavement Services staff are in the process of contacting the owners of the graves that have been damaged to reassure them that the matter is being taken seriously and to discuss with them how they would like the graves to be repaired and cleaned.

“This will understandably be an upsetting time for grave owners and their families and I extend my sympathy to all those that have been affected.”

Scarborough Police posted on its Facebook page to alert residents of the damage on Monday morning (February 5).

“There has been significant damage to some of the grass and some gravestones.

“Please be reassured that this incident is being investigated by officers and we have a suspect for the damage.

“If a family member’s gravestone has been damaged following the incident please contact 101 and quote ref 12180020484.”

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