Investing in the future by fitting solar panels to store’s roof

Solar panels ,Sainsburys.SUBMITTED
Solar panels ,Sainsburys.SUBMITTED

Sainsbury’s supermarket has had 700 new solar panels installed on the roof as part of a major investment into renewable energy.

The installation at the Falsgrave Road store is part of a national roll-out which means that Sainsbury’s now has the largest multi-roof solar panel array in the UK and Europe.

The 700 panels are capable of providing enough power for:

• 4,812,762 cups of tea

• 9,589,854 slices of toast

• 2,917,721 episodes of Coronation Street.

Justin King, chief executive of Sainsbury’s, said: “We’ve already made real progress towards achieving our environmental commitments detailed in our stretching 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan.

“This solar roll-out, including those installed at our Scarborough store, is another big step forward.

“It makes sense for us – it’s good for the environment and for our business and we are actively looking to install more panels.

“We already produce far more solar power than most commercial solar farms. We believe the retail sector should take another look at solar energy as a viable way to reduce its impact on the environment.

“Supermarkets have the equivalent of football fields on their roofs, many of them underutilised. It’s a perfect time to turn that space into something positive.”

Head of campaigns at Friends of the Earth, Andrew Pendleton said: “This major solar investment will make Sainsbury’s a greener grocer and gives a significant boost to the UK’s renewable energy sector.

“Firms across the UK are waking up to the business benefits of using clean British energy from the sun, wind and waves to reduce our reliance on increasingly expensive fossil fuels.

The investment is part of Sainsbury’s target to reduce carbon emissions by 30 per cent.