Investment boom on way

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Scarborough Council’s leader Tom Fox says our stretch of the coast is on target for regeneration by 2020, with billions of pounds worth of investment and thousands of new jobs on the way.

He told councillors at a Town Hall meeting on Monday: “The council is absolutely on target to achieve its renaissance ambitions in the borough.”

The council, he said, had spelled out its aspiration in 2006 as a framework strategy with a series of medium to long-term objectives and 11 critical success factors.

Responding to a question by Cllr John Ritchie who asked: “How far away it the council from its declared ambition of achieving the renaissance of the borough by 2020?”, Cllr Fox replied: “The majority of those targets have already been achieved.

“£10m has been invested in doubling the size of Scarborough Business Park providing over 60 acres of new serviced land, while £5m was invested in doubling our new creative industries centre at Woodend.”

Other key developments, said Cllr Fox, had been the redevelopment of the Rotunda Museum, the refurbishment of the landmark Spa as a major conference and entertainment complex, major new investments at both Scarborough and Whitby harbours. He said that Scarborough Jobmatch, the borough’s job brokerage project, had supported over 4,000 unemployed people in the area and helped more than 1,500 secure a new job.

He added: “The borough is heading for a period of unparalleled economic growth with some of the most significant growth potential in he north of England. The council is committed to making that happen.”

More than £40bn of investment is planned off the Scarborough coastline at Dogger Bank with the world’s biggest windfarm and over £3bn is being invested on-shore in schemes which include a new “University of Scarborough” being established at the current site.

Around £25 million is to be invested in the new Scarborough Water Park on the resort’s North Side and the new sports village at Weaponness. A further £10m is to be invested in a new University Technical College.

“The council is also developing new partnerships with neighbouring authorities to continue to drive tourism growth on the Yorkshire Coast and the North York Moors National Park,” said Cllr Fox.

Some 3,000 new homes are planned in the borough, he said, and in the long term, 10,000 are due to be built by 2030.

“The totality of this investment in new economic development projects and new homes is forecast to create up to 8,000 new full time jobs and in the region of 4,000 to 5,000 construction jobs.”