Invitation to join in coastal survey

A COUNCILLOR is urging people to get involved with a major public consultation in the creation of what will become the blueprint which will set out how the coastline between Whitby and Cloughton will be managed over the next 100 years.

Cllr Jane Mortimer, who was speaking at a scrutiny committee meeting on Monday, said there had been a very good response to a public event at Robin Hood’s Bay Methodist Church Hall.

The Fylingdales councillor said: “People did come and there was a fair bit of bad news. It’s all very well to live by the coast but to see it in black and white is a different story. I need evidence that people are interested in some of the options.”

The exercise, which runs until April, is being conducted with the help of the Environment Agency. A draft of the Robin Hood’s Bay Coastal Strategy study has already been produced which outlines how communities and the environment along the 24km of coastline will be protected.

It recommends that existing coastal defences in the lower part of the bay will either be maintained or upgraded – also known as holding the line – which is likely to cost around £900,000 and the work carried out over the next five years.

Nature would be allowed to take its course in other areas – resulting in the disappearance of a handful of at risk cliff-top properties over the next 100 years.

A council spokesman said that the most significant findings of a 1999 study was the high rate of coastal erosion and the risk to existing defences.

The consultation began last month and is due to run until Tuesday April 19. For further information visit, email or contact (01723) 232448.