Is this change fair to the electorate?

Reading in the Scarborough News of Cllr Brian Simpson who has decided to resign from the Liberal Democrat Party:

It’s not the first time this councillor has jumped ship, he was voted for and won his position as a parish councillor under the Labour Party banner, and without a local by-election he left Labour jumped into bed with the Liberal Party and abandoned the Labour Party because he said at the time the policy of the Labour Party was not working for him.

I feel as a local resident that those who put themselves up for a position in Government and local government or parish council should take into account the voters who feel let down when he/she the candidate who then becomes a councillor or MP switches parties.

On this and the reason why Cllr Simpson has resigned from the Liberal Party his reply was the same as last time when he switched from Labour saying policy in the Labour Party is not working for him. This time in which I quote from the Scarborough News, Cllr Simpson said on leaving the Lib-Dems: “I took a long time to come to this decision to leave the Liberal Democratic Party and the reason for leaving is that the bulk of the austerity measures are falling on people least able to cope with them,” unquote.

The one thing I don’t understand Cllr Simpson is that the Eastfield Parish Council precept tax under the local parish councillors, which includes you, increased by over double for the years 2012/13 that’s an 11.2 percent increase when Central Government, that’s the Con-Dems, put a freeze on Council Tax for the same years due to people and the austerity measures not being able to cope with such tax.

If you felt so strongly that people living in the parish of Eastfield are finding it hard to cope with austerity and measures taken, then why the increase in parish Council Tax? It does not make sense.

Finally, I put my faith in you Brian Simpson as a candidate representing a party in which I, although not a member, follow. That party was Labour, you let me down after I and many others voted for you and by winning made you a councillor. Now because you jump ship, the one thing I can do with a pencil is never to put my cross on a voting paper next to your name, why? Because one minute you’re there and the next you are sailing off into the sunset on another ship flying a different flag, that’s not right or fair is it Brian? To me you’re just using people and the system to get what you want, that to me is not politics.

John Large

Shire Croft