Is your teacher the tops?!

132403a 'Teacher of the Year- Northstead School'Mrs Lidgeley with nominator James Winters'Picture by Neil Silk'10/06/13
132403a 'Teacher of the Year- Northstead School'Mrs Lidgeley with nominator James Winters'Picture by Neil Silk'10/06/13
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Votes have been pouring in for this year’s Teacher of the Year competition – and last-minute entries can be accepted until tomorrow.

Nominations can be made for your top teacher until 5pm on Friday June 14, so don’t miss your chance to vote.

Taking part is easy, just fill in the entry form and enclose a short letter telling us why your teacher should win.

Scores of entries have been received including these from Northstead School pupils.

Harvey Winters, seven, voted for Mrs Robertson, saying: “She gives me good sums to work out.

“Mrs Robertson is a very kind teacher. She is the best teacher so far.”

Miss Flinton was nominated by her pupil Eloise Pratt, five, who said: “I think my teacher should be picked because even if something bad happens, she would still keep a smile on her face.

“She treats every child like they are her own and gives a lot of time and effort to make sure everyone is OK.

“When there are fall-outs or someone gets hurt, Miss Flinton will always help.

“When we struggle with work, Miss Flinton always helps. Please pick Miss Flinton as she is our class hero!”

Mrs Lidgley has received a nomination from James Winters, aged nine.

He said: “Mrs Lidgley is a brilliant teacher because I like it when she reads stories.

“She helps me with my writing and comprehensions. Mrs Lidgley is a very fair teacher to us all.”

Nominees from other schools so far include Mr Clayton, of St Martin’s School, who was voted for by Benjamin Walters Hardy, aged seven.

He said: “Mr Clayton is the best teacher in the whole world because he is fun. He lets us make giant catapults in the playground.

“He has taken us canoeing, sailing and treasure hunting.”

Mrs Grimmett, of Lindhead School, was nominated by seven-year-old Hannah Sellers-Drury, who said: “I think my teacher teaches me really well.

“She taught us about the Great Fire of London and it was really exciting.

“I also like it when she teaches us maths, because she makes it hard but fun!”

You can write to us as an individual or class, but there must be only one nomination per pupil for each teacher.

Include the entry form with your letter. Alternatively you can email your entry – see the form for details. We will publish a supplement featuring all nominations.

The winner will receive a framed certificate and a special day out for their class.