‘It’s not fair’ says residents, as annual event rides out of town

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For decades, excited Scarborough youngsters have flocked to William Street car park when the funfair comes to town every September.

Fast rides, loud music and flashing lights all help to make up one of the most popular annual attractions in the town.

However, the fair isn’t fun for everybody, as long-suffering nearby residents claim that their lives are made a misery during the four days the fair visits the town each year.

The fair is literally only yards from the back of their properties, and some claim that the noise is so bad, they are forced to leave their home during opening hours.

Angela Allan lives with husband Andy at their home in James Street.

“It’s just a nightmare. We have been here for four years, and we are just sick of it’, said Mrs Allan, who said they are planning on going away tonight just to flee the noise.

“The noise is horrific. It goes on until about 10.30pm each night, and you can feel it vibrating through the walls. A speaker broke last night, and I couldn’t believe my luck - but then they fixed it, and it was as loud as ever.

“It gets louder every year, and we have had to close our curtains at 4pm because you just feel like you’re in a big goldfish bowl.”

These complaints are repeated at countless properties backing onto the car park.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the fair had put a strain on his young family.

He said: “It’s just not on when you have a young child. My daughter is only eight, and she’s not getting to sleep until after eleven, so she’s shattered when she gets up for school.

“And it’s not just the noise. This week I’ve had to pick my daughter up from school in a taxi, as I know if I move my car, then as soon as I get home the space outside my house will be gone.

“Then everyday we all have to go outside and clean up the mess as people are just leaving rubbish everywhere - it’s unbelievable.”

The Scarborough News understands that Scarborough Council have received complaints from residents regarding the fair, which is operated and managed by Roger Tuby.

Speaking at to the paper at the site, Mr Tuby said that he had not been made aware of any complaints, but said that every year, they make efforts to limit the problems faced by locals.

He felt this years event had been a success, adding: “We monitor the noise and try and keep it under control.

“Most of the people have lived here for many years, and they understand that it’s just for 4 days of the year, and people like to see the young kids have something to do rather than go around vandalising things or causing trouble.”

He added that in the future, he may look at carrying out leaflet drops to local residents before the event, and urged any residents who are unhappy with the situation, to come visit the management at the site.”

However, residents believe the council should look at the possibility of moving the fair, or offer them some form on financial compensation.

Scarborough Council are expected to release an official statement on Monday regarding the fair.