Jaffa’s music remembered

TWO masters of the Scarborough music scene will be remembered by a concert as part of the literature festival this week.

The Max Jaffa Story is the subject of the Vincent Billington Memorial Concert at the library.

Violinist Jaffa was synonymous with the Spa Orchestra concerts for more than 25 years – painist Mr Billington was his accompanist for 12 years.

Violinist Phillip Mindenhall, who played music with both men, heads the programme with pianist Frances Brock and Mr Billington’s widow Maria as narrator.

“Jaffa was a great musician. I will not be trying to be him but rather paying homage to someone I looked up to,” said Mr Mindenhall, who has an apartment in Scarborough and divides his time between here and York.

“Jaffa was a celebrity who brought a great many people to Scarborough.

“He was one of the greatest entertainers the last century has ever seen,” he said.

Jaffa’s widow Jean, who lives in London, has passed on her good wishes for the concert.

“My parents took me to see Jaffa when I was a child and I thought then it would be marvellous to be up there – then in the 1970s it happened. It is a great responsibility and privilege to do this concert,” said Mr Mindenhall.

Mr Billington passed away more than two years ago. He regularly gave concerts at the Scarborough Library Concert Room – the venue for the Max Jaffa Story on Thursday at 12.30pm.