Jazz Legend return to Beiderbecke’s

JAZZ Legend return to Beiderbecke’s on Sunday with their Story of Jazz and Swing.

It covers 100 years of musical history, from the origins of jazz in New Orleans around 1890 to the worldwide hits of the 1990s.

“We perform all the tunes that had a great impact on the development of popular music, too many to list,” says trombonist and narrator Tony Turner.

Photos of the original performers will be projected, along with anecdotes telling the story behind some of the musical treasures.

“This is not just a band concert,” says Tony. “It is a live music show, with visual archive material, and a bit of a musical history lesson all rolled into one. Previous audiences have delighted in our exploration of who really invented jazz in 1910, and who invented big band swing in the 1940s.

“Audiences can just come for the music or they can have lunch as well. It has proved a popular venue and we are planning more shows with the hotel for later in the year.”