Jenkinson and O’Toole secure wins at Whitby Pavilion show

From left, Scarborough ABC coach John Brownlie, corner man Paul Ingle, Kyle OToole, Tom Jenkinson and Kamil Sawicki ''''' Picture submitted

Scarborough ABC middle-weight boxers Tom Jenkinson and Kyle O’Toole produced fine performances at the Whitby Boxing Club show staged at the Whitby Pavilion.

Jenkinson stepped into the ring, to the sound of excessive booing from large sections of the crowd, to face Whitby’s own Chris Warrior.

However, as the bout progressed Jenkinson concentrated on the job at hand and used his experience to take the first round as he constantly landed with cleaner, point-scoring blows.

Both boxers exchanged heavy blows in the second round but it was Jenkinson that managed to penetrate Warrior’s defence with a decisive combination that forced the referee to step in to give the Whitby man a standing eight count.

To his credit Warrior saw the round out and managed to keep Jenkinson at arm’s length behind his jab.

However, into the final round Jenkinson finally silenced the crowd completely when he again began landing heavy head-shots as his opponent tired, forcing the referee to intervene and stop the bout to save a very brave Warrior from further punishment.

Jenkinson said: “Stopped my opponent in the third round, being booed into the ring is a big incentive.”

Scarborough’s O’Toole knew he had to be at his sharpest when stepping up to face the talented Birkenhead boxer Ben Burnham.

From the first bell the Merseyside boxer attempted to use his greater reach advantage to keep O’Toole at bay, but it was the Scarborough man that managed to land the more telling blows, particularly with heavy hooks to the body.

As the bout progressed, fortunes swung back and forth in an intriguing battle of wits between two experienced boxers.

However, it was always the Scarborough man that would land the more eye-catching shots with good use of some telling upper-cut shots.

Going into the final round, both boxers appeared to know that little could be separating them on the scorecards, however it was O’Toole that gritted his teeth and kept good composure as he looked to work hard throwing heavy shots to the head and body of Burnham.

As the final bell sounded both men were congratulated by the referee before O’Toole was awarded a well-deserved unanimous points decision.

“Two good wins for Scarborough,” said O’Toole.

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