Jesse honours Dylan at 70

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IN HONOUR of Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday, one of his most talented fans is dedicating his weekly gig at Cellars to the maestro.

Jesse Hutchinson says: “We’ll be playing a seismically-extra portion of Dylan on Thursday and generally raising our glasses to the roof, and saying ‘thank you, Bob Dylan’.

“As probably the defining artist for all of us involved in my band, we can be in no doubt of the immense contribution of Dylan on our musical development and more importantly his profound influence on popular music in general,” Jesse says.

“It is almost certain that the introduction of a new dimension of intelligent, poetical wordplay from Bob freed up the Beatles to write more intense, soul-searching music and that without Bob we would be looking at a very different musical landscape.

“If when people think of Dylan, they know no more than Blowing in the Wind or The Times They are a-Changin’, then they are sadly missing out on a legacy of decades of music that transcends musical genres, as Bob played with styles and sounds from his early Woody Guthrie roots, ditching that to move into electric rock, playing with the Band and later having the Grateful Dead as his backing group,” says Jesse.

“From reluctant protest movement figurehead to actor and painter, Bob remains as enigmatic and elusive to define as ever.

“A tribute to the enormority of his influence is that he is no less relevant today than when he took his first steps into the cold backstreets and smoky cafés of New York City in the winter of 1961.

“The fact that Bob stills continues to tour most of the year round on his literally Never Ending Tour is as astonishing and due of respect as his muscial legacy.”

Jesse, who will be flanked by three of the four Buffalo Skinners, sings Dylan at Cellars tomorrow, a few days ahead of Dylan’s 70th, next Tuesday.