Joining forces to make road safer

Ganton A64  picture Richard Ponter   112350c'9/06/11
Ganton A64 picture Richard Ponter 112350c'9/06/11

A CAMPAIGN to introduce a speed restriction following a number of incidents in Ganton is gathering pace – with MP Anne McIntosh saying it is one of her priorities.

Residents living in the village, which straddles the A64, are making a plea for action following three serious accidents in the last two months.

They have contacted the Highways Agency and Filey, Malton and Thirsk MP asking for help.

Ms McIntosh explained that at the moment it is difficult to introduce any changes, as there is still an ongoing fatal incident inquiry and inquest following a fatality at West Heslerton.

However, she added that Ganton is one of her “top campaigns” and that work is being done to try and progress the issue.

Ms McIntosh said: “Everyone has been trying to come together on this, but up until now no one has taken the lead.

“I’ve spoken to a number of people and the villagers are so concerned.

“What we’re trying to do now is take a partnership approach. The ultimate responsibility lies with the Highways Agency, but we’ve had a linked-in meeting at County Hall with those responsible for highways. We need all parties working together.”

One resident has come up with his own suggestions about possible improvements to make the stretch of road safer.

Dave Ogilvy, of Main Street, Ganton, said he believes that “urgent changes” need to be made, due to dangers such as excessive speeds and the road’s crest and hidden dip.

He said: “The A64 at this location seems to be more in need of safety measures as have been applied in abundance to surrounding villages on the A64 and A170 especially.

“Some vehicles passing through Ganton appear to treat it as a race track. All vehicles are guilty from motorcycles and cars to vans. Lorries and coaches have also been witnessed tail-gating at high speed.”

He has come up with a number of suggestions for safety features:

l Double white lines from a reasonable distance beyond the two crossings.

l A 40mph limit from a similar position.

l Traffic Islands to give pedestrians a safe refuge when crossing the A64 for the bus stop or other reasons.

l A lay-by for the west direction bus stop to prevent traffic using the central turn right lane for passing a stationary bus.

Mr Ogilvy also believes that an urgent survey of the highway at Ganton is needed, including a detailed report of the accident history.

He said: “No road will be 100 per cent safe, but to not make an effort is not an option that is acceptable.”