Joint exhibition at Arts Workshops

Ken Wood Ever watchful over Scarborough
Ken Wood Ever watchful over Scarborough

A JOINT exhibition by Sally Gatie and Ken Wood can be seen at the Arts Workshops until 22 March.

“I think our styles complement each other, creating an interesting show,” says Ken, who owns the gallery.

“My part of the exhibition is a mixture of work,” he adds. “Some are drawings, some watercolour and some oil paintings. My work tends to be quite traditional. Although some of my images are distorted with the fish-eye effect, you can still see a realistic image. I like to play with paint and create abstract pieces now and then.”

Sally says: “I’m showing a mixture of old and new paintings, both large and small, from 54 inches square to eight inches square. It’s the first time these works have been show together so it’s interesting to see how old and new relate to each other. “Part of the appeal for me was the challenge of showing our work together. In some ways Ken’s is more traditional and it’s interesting to see how they complement each other.”

The gallery is open from 10.30am to 5pm every day except Tuesday and Thursday.

The Arts Workshops are at Crown Arcade, off the top of Albion Rd, behind the Crown Spa Hotel.