Josh helped out with new wheelchair

Scarborough Lions Club, S.A.L.T, and work colleagues recently joined forces to purchase a special lightweight wheelchair for Josh Porritt, a young disabled man, to enable him to go to his workplace and generally “get around”.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 10:15 am
Three members of the S.A.L.T team with Josh Porritt (in the wheelchair) and two members of the Scarborough Lions Club.

Josh has a vehicle, but found it very debilitating having to heave around the standard issue wheelchair into the car, plus there was the sheer stress to his upper body when physically moving it around.

The answer to his problem was a special lightweight wheelchair that is not available via the usual channels.

However, the cost of the wheelchair was more than £3,000.

A Scarborough Lions Club spokesman said: “Josh does not allow his disability to restrict his ability to earn a salary and work for a living.

“His work colleagues raised a useful amount, but the shortfall was still a considerable sum.

“So after Josh approached the Scarborough Lions for help, we in-turn approached S.A.L.T to ask if they would go halves on the shortfall, as the Lions and SALT had worked together on a recent high ticket appeal.

“They agreed to do so again to obtain this wheelchair for Josh.”