Joy for Noah as money raised in just six weeks

Lisa Gibert and son Noah Gilbert (4) at home in Scarborough. pic Richard Ponter 160208b
Lisa Gibert and son Noah Gilbert (4) at home in Scarborough. pic Richard Ponter 160208b

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Scarborough.”

That’s the message from little Noah Gilbert and his mum Lisa, after the town clubbed together to get the brave tot a special bed so that he can sleep safely. Money raised at a Christmas party meant that over £6,500 has flooded in to help the four-year-old, who has a range of conditions which slow his development.“When I realised we had raised the money it felt amazing,” said Lisa, 36, of Dale Garth.

“I still can’t believe we have done it!” Fundraisers braved the New Year’s Day dip and held raffles to raise funds, with the target smashed in just six weeks.

Noah was born prematurely, spending much of his early life in and out of hospital.

Eventually he was diagnosed with congenital muscle tone problems called hypotonia, hypermobility (joints that move too much and can cause pain) and global developmental delay.

The latter means his development in everything from walking to talking is behind for his age.

A range of equipment is needed to help rectify this, such as a portable bed so he can sleep safely at his dad’s home, a trike and a fold up walker, with any money raised from now going towards this.

Big businesses got behind Noah’s cause, with Tesco in Filey gifting the cash it would have spent on staff Christmas cards to the little lad who has captured the town’s hearts, much like Angel Sutton and Georgie Craig.

Noah and Georgie share the same fight against global developmental delay syndrome, and Lisa added: “When I first started fundraising I was nervous because I didn’t want to take away from Georgie or Angel, but I knew I had to at least try. To order his bed after just six week is just amazing.”

A charity gig is now planned at the Castle Tavern on January 16, and Lisa hopes to raise extra funds to buy more vital equipment for her son.

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