THE Lord Nelson has karaoke every evening of the week except Tuesday; and weekend afternoons. Phil, Gary and Cheryl share the honours.

DJ Alesha does karaoke every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at the Sun.

Steve French does karaoke at the Castle Tavern every Friday and the Scarborough Arms every Saturday.

KJ Mike (Spunky) does karaoke at Zest every Thursday, Commercial every Sunday and Blue Crush every Monday.

The Newcastle Packet has karaoke every Thursday evening, Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.

Scott Winton runs the Golden Last karaoke every weekday, from 8pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 1.30pm.

Mutley’s is at the Ramshill tomorrow, Friday and Sunday.

Nik Nax presents karaoke at the Prince of Wales every Thursday and Sunday.

The Nelson has karaoke every Friday and Sunday with Wayne.

The Bull in Gristhorpe has karaoke on the first Saturday of each month.


Frenchie at Quids Inn; Station in Filey.


Gordon at the Durham; the Newcastle Packet.


Gordon at the Durham; the Ship; the Albert; the Duchess; Les at the Blacksmith’s Arms in Cayton; Mark at the Tow Bar in Cayton Bay; the Station in Filey.


Summer Sounds at the Black Lion; Lancaster (noon-5pm and 8pm-midnight); Mark at the West Riding; Julian at the Durham; the Station in Filey.


Nigel C at the Eastfield (2-9pm); the Ship.