Karmic justice? Nightclub’s bid to welcome clubbers once more

Karma Bar 143905
Karma Bar 143905

Scarborough’s biggest nightclub has been given a date to plead its case to be allowed to open once again.

Karma in St Thomas Street, formerly known as Boleyns, closed last year after ending its long-running legal battle with Scarborough Council.

Now a licence hearing will be heard on the January 19 when the club’s management will plead its case.

In its submission the owners outline ambitious plans to transform the premises into venue with three distinct areas, known as Karma 1, 2 and 3.

The application has been submitted by Shane Morriss, brother of the previous named manager on the licence, Wayne Morriss.

The front of the building will be remodelled to make it more attractive.

The application is seeking a licence until 5am every day.

However, North Yorkshire Police says it will ‘strongly oppose’ the attempt from the venue’s owners to open once again.

In a letter to the council it stated that: “These premises have had a long association with crime and disorder and poor management.

“[We would also] highlight that the proposed premises will be larger than in the past as it will include a ground floor bar as well.”

The Police says it also has concerns to what it has called “several vague references to ‘adult entertainment’,” within the application from Karma.

It states that it would object to any nudity being allowed at the premises.

Three members of the public have also objected, along with Sandra Rees, representing the Community Safety Support Team based at Scarborough Town Hall.

She has raised concerns about crime, anti-social behaviour, safety and the protection of children from harm.

The club lost its licence in December 2013 due to what the council called ‘repeated’ breaches of its operating conditions.

After a lengthy appeal the owners dropped their case in September last year after a further ruling again found in the councils favour.