Keeping an open mind on alien life

Reference to John Collier’s letter regarding ‘Impossible to see an alien’.

I do not profess to be an expert on this subject but let us use some common sense.

If we can put men on the moon etc, why should it be impossible for aliens, if they are more intelligent than us in that field, not to be able to get here? Several years ago a “space ship” allegedly crash-landed in a forested area in Norfolk close to a US airbase and at least 30 US officers and men attended the scene where they even helped the aliens to effect a repair sufficient for the craft to fly away again, and the US servicemen involved were sworn to secrecy due to the panic it may cause if circulated. The men included a colonel and other officers. Some time later, due to a leakage about that event, one of the officers involved who had by then retired from the Air Force confirmed that it was true and it was reported in an English newspaper which I read and no one later denied it! Could they ALL be hoaxers and liars?

Collier admits there are UFOs. On at least one occasion one was intercepted by an RAF fighter aircraft and the fighter just disappeared off the radar screen. The pilot of the second fighter present was told to keep quiet about the event. If there were no aliens manning the UFO they must have a brilliant remote control system! Who builds these UFOs?

Like most people I didn’t believe in UFOS 50 years ago but now I keep an open mind.

Charles Agar

The Grove