Ken Kitson tells tall tales


ACTOR Ken Kitson will tell tall tales at Indigo Alley on Sunday afternoon.

Ken, best known for his appearances in Last of the Summer Wine, will reminisce, read poems, tell funny stories and answer questions from the audience.

He will be joined by Norma Carrick and Geraldine Barnett, who are raising money for the Raw animal-rescue centre and the Hope animal shelter.

Their anecdotes include one about Geraldine helping Norma’s husband Dennis, who is nearly 80, to cut a sheep’s toenails. She was straddling the sheep to keep it still when it suddenly took off, with Geraldine sitting on it, backwards, as it careered down a grassy bank. “She injured nothing but her pride,” Norma says.

They are helping to finance a trip to Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia by vet Stuart Easby, who will help famine-stricken people to keep their animals alive.

Sunday’s event is due to run from 3pm until 7pm.