Kes production set to take off on the stage

Stacey Buric rehearsing with Charlie Hopper, left, and Hugh Stanway.
Stacey Buric rehearsing with Charlie Hopper, left, and Hugh Stanway.

Scalby School are busy rehearsing for their latest production which this year will be Kes. I caught up with Stacey Buric, Head of Performing Arts, who explains her reasons for choosing the play.

“Kes is a much-loved book and film, set in working class Yorkshire in the late 1960s. Billy is a 15-year-old who suffers abuse both at home and at school. His older half-brother Jud beats and bullies him; his mother has a different man at the door every day. His father abandoned the family when Billy was six. Billy suffers from a lack of ambition and self-esteem.

“Then one day everything changes. For the first time, happiness swoops into Billy’s life, in the shape of a European falcon, whom he calls Kes. He nurtures and trains the falcon. Kes becomes Billy’s best friend. “Kes is the story of one boy’s heart, how it came to beat and how it came to break.

“Our production taps directly into current concerns about intergenerational lack of respect, the role of education, and the wasted potential of so many teenagers whose passions are never discovered or encouraged. “As teachers, we try to quell this every day of our working lives and we are proud to be a small part of guiding, developing and nurturing the many talents and passions our young people possess. The story of Kes serves as a great reminder of how important our role is in steering the future of our young people.”

The cast of Kes includes one hundred students and will be performed at the Stephen Joseph Theatre on the February 11-13, at 7.30pm with an extra matinee performance on Saturday February 13 at 2pm.

This is a production not to be missed.