Kids smash MP in spud growing competition

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Robert Goodwill MP spent a morning sizing up potatoes grown by pupils at Lindhead Primary School as part of a nationwide initiative.

The Grow Your Own Potatoes scheme is a project that teaches primary school children how potatoes grow and how they fit into a healthy, balanced diet.

The programme, supported by Scarborough-based McCain Foods, includes a variety of activities, from planting to harvesting, with schools able to compete nationally and regionally for the heaviest crop and largest potatoes grown.

Lindhead have had the added support of Peter 
Staveley from Newby and Scalby in Bloom, who visits five schools in the area to run interactive sessions on potato and vegetable growing.

This year, the Whitby and Scarborough MP also took part in the Grow Your Own Potatoes scheme at home.

He said: “I managed to harvest a great crop but I think the children surpassed me on this occasion, with over one and a half kilograms of potatoes.

“It was great to see them so excited about digging them up.

“It’s essential that we’re active in ensuring young people in the area know where their food comes from and I’m delighted that schemes like this exist.”

Corporate affairs Manager for McCain Foods, Andra 
Stan, said: ‘’As part of McCain Foods’ commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles, we work to provide healthier 
versions of staple foods and back schemes such as Grow Your Own Potatoes.

“We’re delighted to be 
supporting an initiative that helps children to learn how their food is grown and the importance of a balanced diet.” Two million primary school children have took part in the potato drive over 10 years.