Land slippage forces closure of seafront footpath

Scarborough Borough Council has closed a stretch of footpath in the south bay after significant land slippage was detected directly above the scenic pathway.

The section of footpath affected is between the site of the star map, the former South Bay Pool site, and the bottom of the path that leads from the Holbeck headland. The closure will mean that when access to the beach is prevented by the high tide, there will be no way through the area.

The council has cordoned off the path in the interests of public safety and put up warning signs advising people not to enter the area. Information signs around the area to ensure people are aware of the lack of access well in advance. At low tide, people will be able to safely access the beach and therefore a way through will be possibl. However, the council is urging people to check tide times before setting out for their walk or run and to not take risks with incoming tides.

Council engineers are in the process of assessing the extent of the slippage and investigating what work will need to be carried out to stabilise the slope and the retaining wall above the footpath.

It is well documented that this stretch of coastline is susceptible to movement when ground water levels increase, it is therefore likely that ground saturated by rain and melting snow over the last few weeks has contributed to the slippage.