Language school is going strong three decades on

Students from Germany enjoy a Scarborough visit and celebrate English Ventures 30th Anniversary. pic Richard Ponter 163411
Students from Germany enjoy a Scarborough visit and celebrate English Ventures 30th Anniversary. pic Richard Ponter 163411

One of the longest-established language schools in Scarborough celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer.

Welcoming their very first foreign student groups during the summer of 1987, English Venture was founded by former Westwood County Modern School pupil Voyin Maric.

Now based in premises in The Crescent, the school has attracted students from such diverse countries as Finland, China and Japan, but over the years has specialised in offering language courses for German teenagers.

The initial idea of starting a language school having arose from a close family connection with the Bavarian city of Munich, from where the very first small group of students originated.

Mr Maric said: “All our students are from large cities in Germany and so they particularly enjoy the contrast that Scarborough offers, with its fantastic beaches and the charm of a traditional English seaside resort.

“The town allows them also to develop a keen sense of self-reliance, confidence and independence as they come to terms with the challenges of living in a foreign country.

“In addition to improving their knowledge of English, they also have the opportunity to develop other skills such as map reading.”

Mr Maric, whose wife Lynda is director of studies, added: “Of course running a school such as this is also very rewarding for us personally. Last week I received an email from a former student who came to us in 1987.

“She now works as an interpreter and has wonderful memories of Scarborough, just like thousands of other teenagers who have studied at our school.

“The reason for the email was to book an English course for her own teenage daughter for summer 2017.

“Her daughter will be the first of the next generation of English Venture students. This gives us an enormous sense of continuity and we can be very proud in the knowledge that so many children have experienced such a positive and enjoyable stay here in Yorkshire.

“Some of my own memories of the groups are quite enduring. I doubt if I will ever forget the sight of a number of Japanese students on Cayton beach busily knocking limpet shells off the rocks and then eating the raw contents!

“On another occasion one of our host families reported that their guest had discarded a pile of his clothes into their wheelie bin. When questioned by the family, it transpired that he was simply making valuable room in his suitcase to take home a food parcel that had arrived late from his mother in Italy. We like to think that the students from all parts of Germany have fantastic memories of their time with us in Scarborough.”