Last visit for iconic Sea King

by Dawn Rawling
by Dawn Rawling

The RAF Sea King helicopter made a final visit to Scarborough on Sunday.

From April, the Sea Kings, based at RAF Leconfield, will be replaced with two more powerful Sikorsky S92 helicopters, flying from Humberside Airport.

On Sunday the crew brought the iconic helicopter to Scarborough so the coastguards, RNLI and people of the town could have a chance to say goodbye.

The crew landed on the old South Bay pool after circling the sea front and gave members of the public the chance to have a look around the craft.

As well as Scarborough the crew also visited Filey and Whitby as part of their farewell tour of the coast.

The Sea King visit came on the back of the RNLI’s first look at the new choppers they will be working with.

Earlier this month a Sikorsky flew in for an exercise off Burniston.

Lifeboat operations manager John Senior said: “All parties concerned determined that such an exercise was essential, so we are fully prepared by the time we have to do it for real.”