Launch of the Scarborough News

We purchased the first copy of the new weekly local newspaper and gave it a fair scan.

Our first impression was the sheer size and weight of it - 136 pages - and how it fills any shopping or carrier bag.

We are very disappointed over the demise of the Scarborough Evening News. For one thing we can no longer look each day (Sunday excluded) at details of births, marriages and deaths.

Perhaps it is still in the experimental stage, in which case, statistics will determine whether it will continue indefinitely or not.

After all, your weekly takings are now only £1 per copy sold, whereas the Evening News brought in £3 per week maximum per copy sold. Thus, a marked drop in revenue!

We trust that you will look into all aspects during the weeks to come, and that we shall hear from you in due course.

Mr and Mrs JR Macleod

West Street

South Cliff


EDITOR’S NOTE: Our new family announcements page is published in time for funeral arrangements.