Lazenby’s, York Place: Simple sophistication in a friendly atmosphere

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There’s a new kid in town – offering sophisticated, imaginative dining in a relaxed atmosphere.

Lazenby’s is in York Place and opened two months ago – and is already building a reputation for good food served in smart surroundings.

Not surprisingly, the place is pristine. Its tables are well spaced out and there is plenty of room. The atmosphere is sophisticated, friendly and relaxed.

To the menu – the evening bill of fare is select if not extensive: that is deliberate (every dish is prefaced with the word ‘THE’) and does not make choosing any easier because it all sounds delicious.

There is a choice of six starters – ranging from The Charcuterie to The Goat’s Cheese with a price range from £6.95 to £4.95.

I plummed for the crab cakes served Maryland style with home-made tartare sauce, which cost £6.95.

The two generously sized cakes were sweet and sharp and the sauce hot and tangy.

My companion chose The Buffalo Wings New York style in the restaurant’s spicy sauce accompanied by classic blue cheese dip, at £6.45.

There was ample chicken pieces and sauce and dip aplenty. They, too, were sweet and spicy with a cooling accompaniment.

The seven main courses included a vegetarian option – The Linguine with sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil.

The other choices ranged from The Scallops and The Lazenby’s Burger to The Lamb and The Sirloin Steak – which was the most expensive dish, £19.50 and my choice.

A tender chargrilled 10oz steak was served with home fries and Lazenby’s onion rings.

It was all perfect – especially the three huge rings: sweet onion in a crispy batter were the best I’ve had.

My dining companion went for the other fish dish – The Sea Bass with tomato provencale sauce and grained mustard mash, priced £13.95

It looked great and the fish was soft and flaky and the 
tomato the perfect complement to the delicate sea bass.

The Pork Fillet with sauteed potatoes and green vegetables (£12.95) and The Lamb (£16.95) with minted gravy have 
both been noted for when we return.

There is a good selection of desserts and my partner opted for New York cheese cake, tart and smooth.

With the Lazenby’s menu what you see is what you get – with no distractions and added extra cost of sides. Warm bread with butter is brought to the 
table with drinks and you can take as much time as you like to look over the menu.

The food tastes as good on the plate as it looks. The attention to detail is second to none.

From the moment we arrived there was a friendly smile and polite attention: front of house ran smoothly and calmly which made for a relaxing night out.

It was a Saturday and we had pre-booked, which was as well as a couple of potential diners were disappointed that theycould not get a table.

Our bill – with wine – came to just over £67.

The restaurant is open for lunch with some of the dishes available in the evening augmenting the menu. It is closed on Mondays.


Food 7

Menu Choice 7

Service 8

Decor 8

Ambience 8