Lemurs pine for Christmas trees

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FLAMINGO Land’s resident lemurs have been given a post-Christmas treat in the form of old Christmas trees.

The furry fellows, who live at the theme park and zoo near Malton, have been enjoying the new addition the their environment.

Zoo manager Ross Snipp said: “The trees are very smelly and are something new and different.

“They’re a bit like a pine cone in the sense that we can push treats into them and hide things in it.”

He said different animals react differently to the trees, but they all enjoy playing with them.

Mr Snipp said: “Lions and tigers have got a really good sense of smell – they will want to rub and roll on it.

“With monkeys we hang them up by the base so they can climb and swing on them.

“It’s good stimulation for them and it’s something they won’t see for another 12 months.”

The trees are also given to parrots and meercats, but they are not suitable for grazing animals as Mr Snipp explains: “The pine needles are not particularly palatable!”

The tradition of giving Christmas trees to the animals began when keepers started to bring them in after the festive season.

But Flamingo Land is now asking members of the public if they would like to donate their old trees too.

Trees can be dropped off at the main office. Call (01653) 668287 for more information.