Letter: Annual payment for '˜garden tax' is unfair

Conservative-controlled council re-introducing the hated poll tax in the form of a garden tax.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10th February 2016, 10:00 am

The Conservative Central Government has cut back on local authority funding so money must be raised from other sources as a result. But an annual £38 “licence” irrespective of how many of the 100 sacks per year are needed by those with small gardens, probably less then 10 or 20 a year, is not a fair method.

Why not a fixed charge per bag? If the council is reckoning on 38p per sack so be it, but not £3.80 or even £1.90 as may well be the case for those requiring 10 or 20 sacks.

Likewise we will no longer receive a rubbish/recycling timetable, but no problem - as long as one has access to a computer and printer!

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If I am mistaken and the council policy for recycling garden waste has got cross-party support perhaps the council could make this clear.

If nothing is heard, we must assume, along with the Futurist and multiplex cinema decisions that “credit” lies with the Conservatives and their control of the council.

P Feavers