Letter: Call for council to take action

Palace Car Park, Bridlington.
Palace Car Park, Bridlington.

The “temporary” closure of one end of Palace Car Park is obviously going to be permanent.

This closure is on the spurious grounds that one or more boy racers have been speeding, though no evidence of this alleged misbehaviour has been produced.

Instead of dealing with this problem, ERYC has decided to inconvenience the majority of motorists by forcing us to take the long way round, making the emissions problem worse.

Meanwhile, in Main Street, Sewerby, every hour of every day, speeding continues to take place, involving scores of impatient drivers.

What do the police do? Very little.

Apparently we are expected to wait until someone gets killed or seriously injured before action will be taken.

I do not ask much of our councillors. I expect even less. But a modicum of common sense would be appreciated, and a desire on their part to get their priorities right would be appreciated even more.

Peter R Garland

Castle Garth