Letter: Can we move a bit quicker on repairs?

I recently had a letter from my eldest granddaughter who along with her younger brother and sister visit us each year during the summer, they get very excited as they live in a very rural area in East Anglia.

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 12:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th May 2018, 12:56 pm
Repairs are needed to area.

She began by saying how much she was looking forward to going down to the beach, swimming in the sea and exploring the coast.

It was only a week ago that I was walking along from the Spa towards the Cliff Lift that takes you up to the Esplanade, which is where we live, I took a few moments after purchasing a hot drink to look around where we normally take our grandchildren, the area is locally known as “Kiddies corner”, I thought back to my granddaughter’s letter and reflected on how I could respond.

I can’t of course say that most of the sand has now been washed away by recent storms exposing mainly rock, neither can I say I’m not sure if it is safe to swim in the seawater, although signs down on the beach are warning us not to.

I also probably should not mention that the roof from the Bathing House looks un-safe or that the path and beach huts look as though they could slip away at any moment along with the acrow prop that is holding up a section of the walkway as you come out of the cliff lift.

I am fully aware that the local council is cash-strapped, however I was recently at a public presentation where we were informed there is an annual budget of £4m to put towards tourism.

It would be nice in the interest of transparency to see a breakdown of how this is allocated because it would be beneficial for tourists and residents alike to have some of this money spent on “Kiddies Corner” (and the South Bay for a change).

I also think that the businesses that are down in this area should get some support to help them get through any difficulties that may arise during this difficult period.

Apparently it’s going to take around a year before anything can be done with the crumbling path and slipping beach huts, nothing at all is planned for the beach bereft of sand as I understand it, as for the unsafe bathing seawater and derelict eyesore of a Bathing House, please someone help.

Robert Lee

The Cavendish