Letter: Cost to taxpayers seems excessive

Is this good value?
Is this good value?

In these days of cost-cutting and austerity, especially among organisations and individuals in the public sector, the recently published list of East Riding councillors’ travel expenses threw up some interesting reading.

For example, the Independent member for Pocklington and my representative at County Hall claimed mileage expenses totalling £2,096 in less than a year. If we take into account the council’s month-long recess, this amounts to almost £200 per month, I believe.

With the exception of the cabinet members, who are required to be in County Hall on most days of the week, this was also the second highest claim by any ward councillor. If I add the mileage claim to the ward councillor allowance, the taxpayers of Pocklington seem to have paid £13,152 for just under a year, or £1,096 per month. Is this good value?

Andrew St John-Toms

Mile End Park