Letter: EU is squeezing the taxpayer

I reply to Malcolm Smith: You are completely correct regarding foreign aid wastage, but at least that payment is voluntary and the government can withdraw at any point, impose probity or sanctions.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 10:55 am
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2016, 12:01 pm
The real leech is the EU, currently taking approximately 55 plus million a day from us.

The real leech is the EU, currently taking approximately £55 plus million a day from us for which in return we get told what to do, and how we are allowed to spend the amounts they dole back.

In the years since Edward Heath, we have seen the UK increasingly squeezed in both cash and autonomy, in vainglorious efforts by unelected autocrats towards their goal of United Dominions under Brussels, in which they get overly handsome remuneration.

Meanwhile, we taxpayers suffer decreasing services, fewer public amenities, dwindling support for the less abled, but growth in VAT, general taxation, and cultural meddling.

Add that to the strains engendered by excess of both immigration and multi-culturalism, how exactly is our hard earnt money benefiting us?

It is complete nonsense to say that without the EU we wouldn’t have rights, commerce, holidays, ex-pat security as these are already covered by world trade agreements and fiscal practicalities.

I remember a life where we voted politicians in and out with easy to get travel visas, when British farmers and fishermen had secure livings, we had five per cent VAT, enough public lavatories, and well-deserved pride in our long-sovereign country.

SA Longden

Park Avenue