Letter: Hospital staff at Scarborough deserve praise

A homage to the staff at Scarborough Hospital.
A homage to the staff at Scarborough Hospital.

After sitting and observing for many hours in Scarborough hospital, I wrote these few word as my father was waiting to be discharged as a homage to the staff who were all without exception extremely kind and humane.

I know that the hospital is criticised frequently and thought it only fair to mention what I have seen.

I would be most happy if you would share my small homage in your newspaper.

Scarborough Hospital – March 2017 – my 88 year old father unfortunately was taken into hospital twice this month – once for eight days and then again for a further 10 days.

He was taken to A&E – twice, Cherry Ward – twice, Ash Ward and finally the Anne Wright Ward.

Having been beside him for a minimum of nine hours everyday in the hospital and having more than sufficient time to observe the daily working of various departments, there are a few comments which I would like to take this opportunity to make while we are waiting to be discharged, particularly after having followed on various media countless negative comments about the hospital.

The professional way in which all of the staff we have come into contact with is unquestionable.

The humanity shown not just to my father and myself but to all of the patients (some of whom were incredibly difficult) was immeasurable.

The kindness shown at all times by all of the staff far surpassed the normal call of duty.

Thank yous or words are not sufficient to express the gratitude I have to each and every member of staff we have come into contact with.

Each and everyone of whom I consider to be extremely overworked and I would assume underpaid also.

Hail the unsung heroes:

The palliative care team.

The matrons and sisters and staff nurses and nurses,

Health care assistants,

The ambulance team

The discharge team

The domestic assistants

And the porters.

Cristina Daniel
The Canary Islands