Letter: Joy of sharing a cultural experience

At a time when demolition of the Futurist is imminent it is both poignant and ironic to have read '˜Let's give British Theatre a standing ovation' by Quentin Letts (Daily Mail). I quote from the article: 'British theatre is having a terrific '˜moment' as was confirmed by the latest ticket sale statistics ... in 2017 more than 15 million tickets were sold in the West End '“ the highest figure for more than 30 years. Those 15 million tickets raised sales revenues of £705 million, 9% up on 2016.'

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th March 2018, 12:26 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th March 2018, 12:30 pm
Futurist Theatre
Futurist Theatre

Quentin Letts explains why it is happening: “So much in life nowadays is remote and atomised. Many of us stare at screens all the work day and thanks to social media we

have less direct contact with human beings.

“The idea of going out at night and seeing something of our fellow citizens and sharing an artistic experience with them, becomes irresistible.

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In fact it becomes essential. Theatre is sociable. It is human.”

A new theatre has opened by Tower Bridge. Darlington Civic Theatre has been revamped as a theatre/cultural centre on the lines that we proposed in our Save the Futurist with Business case DVDs sent to each councillor.

How sad that Scarborough Council is going against the national trend and economic boom. For what?

Diana Tasker

Save the Futurist

Weaponness Valley Close Scarborough