Letter: Lack of toilet facilities now spoils our favourite walk

Marine Drive, Scarborough.
Marine Drive, Scarborough.

In 1960, my wife and I came on holiday with our parents to Scarborough. We did not know one another then, and it was to be in 1976 when we first met, that Scarborough came up in conversation.

My father had worked in the area at, I think it was Plaxtons, some years earlier.

He met my mother during the war years, and both had fallen in love with Scarborough.

My wife’s parents also had a love of Scarborough. And it turns out that as children, my wife and I were actually in Scarborough at the same time!

We spoke of this when we met in the mid-1970s, and decided to honeymoon there when we were married.

A year or two later, we visited Scarborough with our very young daughters, and they too began to fall in love with the place. We holidayed in Europe and America, but still always managed a week or two in our favourite place, namely Scarborough. This year we have spent three weeks here, with our grandchildren who also love Scarborough. In 2018 we plan to be here for a month.

The years rolled on and we have seen may changes to the area. But still one of our favourite walks is from the North Bay, along Marine Drive to the South Bay, a brew in the Harbour Bar, and back along Marine Drive to North Bay.

We are now in our mid-60s and only last week we were in Scarborough, and did the walk. I have to take a water tablet daily, as prescribed due to health problems.

Unfortunately in 2016, the local council ‘flattened the cafe’ and toilets, and did not replace the loos.

Due to the council’s actions, I suggest that many residents and visitors have stopped walking around the bay as a result of the council’s actions?

So, may I ask that temporary toilets, and mothers and babies facility is put in place with some urgency? Furthermore, I suggest that the council comes up with a plan for a permanent block with some urgency. A block, which could also be fitted out with a ‘mother and baby’ area also.

John Taylor