Letter: Let the public have a voice on town improvements

Are road and pavement improvements on Newborough necessary?
Are road and pavement improvements on Newborough necessary?

Why are councils spending money on the road near Heron Foods with paving and narrowing of the road which surely was not needed?

We have roads around Scarborough with potholes etc and pavements in all areas of Scarborough are a disgrace.

Our council tax bills have now gone up, so what is this increase going to be spent on, possibly new grass cutting equipment so verges can be done?

The council does need praising however for doing the pavements around Eastfield but could not this be extended to Osgodby as the pavements there are an absolute disgrace.

Public toilets around the town are all closing, parking charges are extortionate... Have the councillors forgot that this town is cherished by visitors and by doing such things the visitors from away will stop coming.

Let’s have more discussions with the public to let them have their say on where their money is spent.

Lorraine Lees-Hartley

Fenton Close