Letter: People are responsible for mess not seagulls

Seagulls are in their natural habitat.
Seagulls are in their natural habitat.

In answer to the woman who wants to see gulls culled.

They are in their natural habitat. Maybe there should be more street cleaning, or cages for rubbish storage when rubbish collectors are due, or just more bins not fewer birds.

Scarborough is one of the cleaner places I’ve been. I’ve lived in Leeds and it’s the people who throw rubbish around - and I’m guessing no one would say Leeds people need culling.

As for saying she cannot open her windows in the summer as the birds start screeching at 3am, you expect that at the coast.

I mean I think it a tad unfair if you live at the coast then want the local wildlife killed off as the noise they make annoys you.

J Clark

North Marine Road