Letter: Proud to be a member of the Railway Club

On a cold and blustery morning recently I was fortunate enough to spend most of that time oblivious to the conditions outdoors.

The occasion was the annual meeting of the Railway Club at Scarborough station, which, in the circumstances, was very well attended.

Having regard to the economic problems which have caused the closure of many clubs and pubs, both locally and nationally, I’m sure that all those present were highly satisfied with the report of each of the officers responsible for the club’s well-being. Testimony to the hard work and efficiency of all involved in whatever capacity.

Although I have been a member of the club since its very early days, my social visits during recent years have necessarily been few and far between. Nonetheless, I remain, as always, a proud member of the club and take a keen interest in its affairs.

Biased, of course, but I feel that there can be few clubs of its size with such a well-planned interior layout and attractive decor throughout; so welcoming. Also, of course, it is favoured by its central location at the hub of the local transport network the club is a popular venue for private functions, suitably arranged to blend in with the requirements of its members.

Charles Braithwaite

Trinity Road, Scarborough