Letter: Public opinion is beginning to register

In response to Mr Simon Bowers and Raincliffe Woods:

Thursday, 31st March 2016, 12:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st March 2016, 12:56 pm
Perhaps the ground-swell of support for the Save Raincliffe Woods campaign is eventually beginning to register.

Some of his comments sadly fall well short.

It seems that public opinion does not account for much even though these matters concern public woodland.

However, perhaps the ground-swell of support for the ‘Save Raincliffe Woods’ campaign is eventually beginning to register, that these issues are now; albeit belatedly, being addressed.

From the public perspective, his comments might seem a little hollow upon their encountering the consequences of these operations, which will take not just years but generations to show any theoretical benefit.

As a mere country-loving and gardening member of the public, I must ask, how can tiny saplings even begin to form a sufficient root-base to absorb run-off and secure the escarpment?

The felled mature, healthy coniferous specimens are actually proven to more quickly absorb run-off, as per a well documented ‘European Environment Agency’ study, which I will be glad to share with Mr Bowers.

There is also concern about the introduction of disease into these woods.

The spores that carry disease are more likely to enter this healthy wood on the very machinery his team are using.

Perhaps experts should also condescend to consider how ordinary mortals are affected by these operations!

Some respondents on Facebook have indeed been banned from the Save Raincliffe Woods page for attacks on the reasonable majority of supporters.

Miss JA Strutt

Scalby Road