Letter: Shame on public convenience decisions by councillors

If tourists cant find any public conveniences they will stop coming.
If tourists cant find any public conveniences they will stop coming.

Scarborough is an extremely popular tourist resort and visitors bring a large amount of revenue to the town and surrounding areas.

If these tourists can’t find any public conveniences they will stop coming – toilets provide for a very basic human need.

Councillors hide behind the fact that providing toilets is not a statutory requirement yet waste millions of pounds on schemes which are not statutory requirements.

The idea of keeping a very few toilets but with turnstiles is not very helpful to families.

What happens if they don’t have enough small change?

With regard to the Holbeck toilets near the putting green. If these toilets close then that is presumably the end of putting on what is, in my opinion, the most beautiful putting green in the country.

They can’t have someone on duty at the attraction there without appropriate facilities nearby.

It could lead to another loss of income to the council and the loss of a very popular leisure facility for locals and tourists alike.

In the great scheme of things, the upkeep of public toilets does not cost a great deal of money.

I would be happy to pay a pound or two more on my council tax if it meant the loos could be kept open and free.

This is a subject that the general public feel strongly about, but once again the councillors ignore us. Shame on them.

Mrs M Sykes

Hall Park Grove, Scalby