Letter: Sign confusion at Musham Bank roundabout

I would like to add to the previous comments on calls backing the campaign to improve highway signage (and specifically regarding the Musham Bank signs), as for several years I have been regularly bothered by motorists who have apparently taken the wrong turn off at that roundabout...then realising their mistake and finding themselves heading wrongly towards Crossgates and Seamer instead of Scarborough, and seeking the first opportunity to turn around, they take the first left into Byward Drive - and then swing into my driveway (at house number one), in order to reverse out and return to the roundabout where there is (at the time of writing) a somewhat lop-sided sign for vehicles going to Scarborough and coming from this direction.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 9th February 2017, 11:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:38 am
Damaged road sign on Musham Bank roundabout, Scarborough.
Damaged road sign on Musham Bank roundabout, Scarborough.

I think the main reason for the above “taking the wrong road”, is that when driving towards Scarborough (on the A64 Seamer and Crossgates by-pass) from the “Morrison’s roundabout” direction and approaching the Musham Bank roundabout, the road markings for all vehicles split any traffic for Eastfield into the outside lane and the traffic for Scarborough into the inside (left) lane - which means that they are in the left hand lane when actually on and traversing the roundabout - and with there not being a sign-post pointing right for Scarborough, many drivers automatically (and wrongly) stay in the same lane and then take the “first left off” in the Crossgates and Seamer direction...as above.

I would emphasise that it is not just the odd one or so, from time to time, that has made use of my driveway to turn around.

In the summer months it can amount to five or six vehicles every day, which over the years does get somewhat annoying - and it is always drivers who are going towards Scarborough.

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Not one motorist that I have watched turning back has gone round the roundabout and off along the A64 in the Seamer/York direction.

Peter CritchettByward DriveCrossgates