Letter: Status decision by-passes residents

I did not lose any sleep when I read that the estate I grew up on (Eastfield) has now been given a new title that of a town.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10th February 2016, 3:00 pm

There are those who have ideas of grandeur, and when you think that there are more pressing problems for the people living and working in Eastfield our local parish council decide to go down the path of changing the estate’s status and not by the will of the people who live and work in Eastfield.

The change of name for Eastfield I understand was not even on the agenda at the last committee meeting, and I also understand that the parish council was going to change the status of Eastfield to a town with or without the will of the people of Eastfield. Is that democracy in action?

We are still living in austerity measures and I bet Scarborough Borough Council’s big battleship will be pointing its gun on the 2016/17 council tax charge this year, but over the past few years there has been a big hike in Eastfield’s Parish Council precept tax. Why? There are those who will be in battle to become Eastfield town’s mayor and at what cost to the tenants and residents, and where will the town hall be?

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Finally, one councillor said Eastfield estate is know as a “sink estate”, I reject that, and councillors should be looking how to bring in more facilities and amenities to go with all the new housing in the area such as schools, medical centre enlargement, shops, a bank, a dentist, a swimming pool etc, once the parish council gets these into place, then maybe Eastfield could then be called a town, but I have more chance of winning the lottery.

J Large

Shire Croft