Letter: Thank you to all who helped my wife after a fall

Thanks to all who helped.
Thanks to all who helped.

I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the people of Scarborough.

At 11.30am on Tuesday (September 19), my wife slipped and fell on wet grass next to the path down to the beach close to the Holbeck Hotel landslide. Within 20 minutes a team of coastguards, ambulance crew and a PCSO arrived on the scene. They acted in the cool, calm and efficient manner we have all come to expect of them. She was conveyed up the steep hillside to the ambulance in a coastguard vehicle.

By 1pm she was in casualty having X-rays that revealed a serious break to her ankle. She was admitted to Lilac Ward where she stayed until Friday evening.

On Wednesday morning she had an operation to insert two pins and a plate. Somehow I managed to drive her back on Friday evening to Cross Hills where we live.

We are most grateful to everyone involved in the emergency services, the hospital casualty service and Lilac Ward. Also to the many people who offered help while she was awaiting the emergency services and the party of school children who passed by without showing undue curiosity.

We were staying at Bay House Hotel and I am especially grateful for the help offered by the owner. Also to the library who enabled me to arrange a lot of business on the internet and email.

Our thanks to everyone involved.

Bernard Peel

Clayton Hall Road

Cross Hills