Letter: Timings are just wrong

Connection times appear to be at best four minutes and in some cases less.

I agree with Nick Harvey about the proposed new timetable changes operational, I understand from May 2018, on both the Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough (TransPennine Express) and the Scarborough to Hull (Northern) services.

The connection times when changing trains at Seamer to travel on towards York, Leeds or Manchester appear to be at best four minutes and in some cases less. The return journey is even worse, leaving only a minute to change trains on all services running between 8am and 6pm. Clearly these timings are unworkable. They will in many circumstances result in a missed train with an hour to wait for the next.

Recently the government set out its transport strategy for the north of England. Through routes and connectivity were core to this, and it was contextualised in the notion of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’. Given the government’s readiness to improve transport communications in the north, the new timetables proposed by TransPennine Express and Northern Railways appear to run contrary to government expectations. People travelling for work or business are likely to feel disconnected and frustrated by what amounts to an hour added to their journey times.

Why can’t both companies get together and run a timetable where connections actually work.

George Sheeran

Bridlington Street


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